Aug. 15th, 2003

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To live is the rarest thing in the world.
Most people exist, that is all.
- Oscar Wilde

I GOT MY TICKETS FOR MÜNICH, GERMANY!!!!!!!!!!! YAYAYAYY! I got them for a really good price too....I always tend to go to the same places...but I've never been to Münich before so this will be an entirely new experience...and I get to stay with my cousins so it'll be a bit of family/home for me...which is what I need. I don't think people realise how close they are with their family until you're separated for awhile. That also depends on the family situation considering every family is different.

Last night I didn't see the Elected @ the Metro because of ££ and it just wasn't happening. Instead Jen came by, kidnapped me and took me to karaoke. (I don't like karaoke) She tried to get me to do the Dandy Warhols' "Bohemian Like You"..haha. no. nice try. *L* Instead I watched her to a lovely rendition of the Eagles' "Hotel California". Jen has a great voice! I was standing there thinking that she should be the one in a band. Later on I told her that and she's just laughing and said "I don't think so! Hotel California" is the only song she can sing well. You can sing many songs well!" *L* Jen is a saint for putting up with my lousy mood last night. I swear, my maturity level drops to that of a 8 year old when I'm around her. It's because she's older and she is like a mother-figure to me. She knows that, I know that. It's weird.

We went to Tesco's so I could get some diet vanilla coke to stay awake and she gave me a Tarot reading and it was again, right on for this present moment. All of Jen's readings for me have come true so far. creepy. I do think that I'm giving off a lot of energy right now because as I was walking through the U of London campus last night, lights went out as I walked past. a sign that your energy level is very high. Last night's almost-full moon also helped with that.

I also love taking the bus back home at midnight. It's lovely. There's no traffic anywhere and it makes London seem like a smaller place. I got from Jen's neighbourhood to mine within 20 minutes. beautiful. Jen is going to Italy for a month with her dad so I won't be seeing her too much....not like I have recently anyway. twice in the past month? hope she has a good time, which I know she will.

I've been having nice LJ conversations with [ profile] sleazenation and a little with [ profile] oompa_radar both really cool, non-pretenious, intelligent people!! I cannot believe how many pretenious/weird/snobby/scary/shallow people are on this thing...I thought I was sometimes but jesus christ. I'll just stick with my friends on here. yeah. thanks.

I've already in the process of going through that to-do list on my last post...have a few things done already and I'm leaving work early today to work on some more. I should start writing lists down more often, then I get my shit done.

One of the various news sites I read is Ben wanted to know about people "in Mini Apples" so I sent it to him so now he can know. *L* Of course the first thing he clicks on is something about a shooting! He was purposely aiming for stereotypical American news! bah!

oh yeah, any of you feel free to email me. I haven't gotten a proper email in weeks. :( I know this is partly because my NME mailbox was full, but I've deleted stuff so it's running again!!!

hope you all have a lovely weekend xxx


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