Aug. 13th, 2003

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Ben has a VIP pass to the v2003 festival this weekend!!!! He is going to interview bands backstage and get paid for it!!!!!! I thought he was kidding, but he's not. He doesn't even know most of the bands, he only knows about Coldplay! ack! I'd kill for a job like that!!! I told him that he has to remember every band he meets and has to report back to me on Monday. ;) He's going to try to get me a "souvenir". *still jealous* but after he told me we went for strawberry milkshakes. that was nice.

Things I have to remind myself to do:
+ send a postcard to my grandma
+ meet up with Jen
+ mail off Heather's 2 month old mix tape
+ mail off Lily's 2 month old gift (i feel horrible about that)
+ change travel plans
+ get my hair re-dyed and cut...even though I'm starting to dig this multi-coloured look.
+ phone up Sarah
+ write lyrics/revise old lyrics
+ finish Orwell's 1984 (it was too hot to read/concentrate this weekend)
+ go see The Elected at the Metro...if I want to use my funds to see Colin live. If not, it's karoke with Jen or reading in my room.

will I get all of that done by the weekend? except for a few, possibly. If I didn't work 9-5 and have everything else in this city be open from 9-5, half of it would've been done ages ago. :/

I sit here looking out the window and it's still surreal that this river is the Thames, that building is Parliament and I'm actually living on my own in London. that's a really good feeling.


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