Aug. 11th, 2003

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just got off the phone with Amethyst after talking about her dad. Now a song from the Penthouse 5, the band her dad was in in the 60's, is in my head! *L*

I think it also got into my head because it seems like something is messing around with my dreams recently and it's annoying. It's not anybody's fault, it's just weird. I was dying Michelle's hair auburn on Saturday talking about things and she's like "every band in the world goes through this". I have to agree with that. You have to just keep going. It's a long process. Wish it wasn't, but it is and I've known that from the beginning.

Thanks for those who filled out my survey below!! I learned a lot :) I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean and I'm also considering ordering "Bitch", since I found it on for £2.

elizabeth, go rent Velvet Goldmine! ;)

I got to talk to Sarah this weekend! Considering it was the first time I talked to her in over 5 months, it felt great. She's moving over here!! Possibly by the end of the month! It's weird, it's just yet another friend of mine being transplanted over here. very cool, still weird. *L*

I saw Pirates of the Caribbean last night. It was really fanstatic. It just opened up here in the UK this weekend. I went with my roomate Jessie who saw it 3 times in the US and now has seen it twice here. All because of her love for Orlando Bloom. She even wore her Legolas shirt to the movie. *LOL* Sweet, crazy girl.

Other than pirate movies and dying hair, I didn't do anything this weekend. It was too hot. I'm still lethargic. I was only awake for 10 hours yesterday. It reached 101 degrees. The hottest day ever recorded in London. Also note that this city has no A/C. Even the movie theatre didn't, but it was surprisely cool anyway. I am now wishing for thunderstorms this week. The north of England is getting them!! I want thunderstorms! I miss them. they're so wicked.

I did manage to go Camden for about a half hour yesterday until I couldn't take it anymore. I couldn't find that CD marketplace. I really wanted some Billie Holiday and Cuban music. I think that was meant to be, otherwise I would've been at least £10 poorer today. The rest of the day I spent laying on my bed with the fan on me wishing I could be somewhere other than here. Last night I also had lovely thoughts about going back to MN for a week or two instead of going to Germany. but I'd rather go to MN for Christmas, so I think it'll be Germany for now. I might change my mind again in an hour. or not. maybe. ;)

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