Aug. 4th, 2003

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Amethyst and I finally caught up on our sleep Saturday night. bless. cheers for 80's and Motown music, chocolate, cherry NyQuil and cozy warm beds in Bloomsbury.

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting in my room reading and I heard this song blaring out of a window below me. The song was really familiar and it sounded v. cool and I was thinking 'I've heard that before....what is that?' Um, it was Slashing Beauty, my band. mwahaha. My landlord Bill was playing our songs really loudly downstairs. He thinks we're really good! He told me so 3 times yesterday. *L* It was just strange feeling to hear my band randomly like that for the first time. tres cool.

So yeah, we've recorded. It's not the best recording. The only real "problem" with it is that the vocals (ie, me) isn't loud enough. But it's good enough to hand out to family, friends and local venues, and that's what we need right now. I'm also working on the webpage slowly but'll get there.

Last night Becky and myself went to Chinatown for dinner and then proceded to have our photo taken outside in Chinatown..(pssh..I know, tourists!) Becky also got some Absinthe and Cuban cigars in Soho (I wonder how she's doing with US customs today? mwhahaha) Then we ended up talking to this guy, Jarev in the lobby of the Strauton Hotel until midnight. Jarev moved here from Pakistan and he's one of the most intelligent people I have ever met. He knew volumes on every subject that was brought up. We basically talked about capitalism is destructive and solutions to it, and the US Government.

We both agreed that a big problem with the US (Becky actually brought this up) is that most of the people don't care. As long as people feel that they're safe and they're alright, they honestly don't care. Capitalism makes people busy. Go to work, go home, watch TV, rush here, rush there...I feel that most "typical" americans don't have any time to think about world issues. It's a really sad thought but I feel that it's true.

Turns out that Jarev's best friend owns a Socialist bookstore on Gower St., which is a 2 minute walk from me. I think I'll be going there...*raises eyebrow*

Also turns out that I have an 8 year old fan! long-time LJ friends may remember me talking about a certain lil boy 3 year old Nicholas from Siberia. (he really is THE cutest little thing ever..) Anyway, his older sister, Melanie is (according to my mother) "fascinated" with me. She goes into my old room and looks at all my things and and is wants to know all about "Christina who lives in London". She really wants to visit me, but she can't, because, well, she's 8. *L* Her mom (my mom's best friend Charlene) even asked her what she wants to be when she grows up and she said "I want to be just like Christina!"...awwww..I admit, my heart melted.

I'm taking advantage of this while I can, because once she's a teenager, I don't think she'll want to be like me....just a thought.

Now a stupid first/last thing and then I'm outta here:

First album bought: 1987- Madonna's "True Blue" (only because my dad forbid Guns'n'Roses "Appetite for Destruction" and Lita Ford's "Lita"..he didn't know what he started *L*)
Last album bought: Manic Street Preacher's "Lipstick Traces"
First car: 1990 red Ponitac sunbird
Last car: 1995 silver Lumina
First gig: Beach Boys, Minnesota State Fair, 1991
Last gig: Serafin, Camden Dingwalls, 2003
First trip: 1982- Minneapolis >Seattle< Minneapolis
Last trip: 2003- London >Paris< London
First school: Happy Hours Preschool
Last school: University of Minnesota
First pet: Tiny, a spitz.
Last pet: Blossom, a bichon frise.
First crush: Adam Roesch, he knew it and treated me like crap. that was back in high school hell.
Last crush: I think he reads this so I'm keeping it on a dl.
First kiss: Brandon, age 3 in my grandma's backyard.
Last kiss: Colin, the drummer from the Elected, this past weekend.
First webpage you ever went to: Bonehead's Bank Holiday (Oasis Parody was fabulous)
Last webpage you went to: the New York Times is in my other browser window right now.
Last hug: Becky, goodbye last night.
Last TV show you watched: The Simpsons
Last thing you ate: a kiwi and sushi
Last thing you drank: water
Last place you went: um, back to work? from Sainsbury's.
Last thing you read: besides the net, BANG magazine
Last thing you said: "Hi!" to Ben.



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