Jul. 29th, 2003

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I got a badge with a nude photo of marilyn monroe on it..one of the many cool things I got for my birthday so far! I'm so spoiled..

What I did for my birthday:
+ Went to Tate Modern with Becky and Am. Ate lunch in their cafe and looked at art which was 90% crap and 10% lovely (at least 5% of that is the beautiful "5 angels of the millennium") I want to stay in there for an hour or two one day so I can finally see the entire rotation of it.
+ bought "lipsticks in picadilly circus" and "piss christ" in tate modern shop to put in my upcoming wall collage. collages are one of my fav. things to do. (I'm going to butcher that French Vogue!)
+ Found Becky a place to stay and...walked around?
+ Ate dinner with Becky and Jen at Garlic and Shots and then later Nick and Rob came and we drank shots all night.....Okay, you know when the waitress starts calling you "my friends" you know you're in trouble. Next year I think Rob [livejournal.com profile] cobblers is going to hand me a bottle of Smirnoff and let me drink that instead. ;)

and I feel uncomfortable doing this because I don't like talking about material possessions because I'm not materialistic, at all...but here's the answers to the question "so, what did you get for your birthday?"

+ $$ and care package (kraft mac'n'cheese, snickers, crayons) from my parents.
+ cassette esp. from my mother.
+ a Rita Hayworth biography, white crystal, cherry coke lollipop, Marilyn Monroe badges, champagne bubbles, white chocolate, a book of Buddhist quotes, incense, red glitter stargazer lipstick, apricot chocolate, and a Snoopy card all decorated with big beautiful silver bow (which I put on top of my head the entire time in the Tate Modern cafe..mwahaha) all from Amethyst!!!!!
+ Paris stuff and fairy day/night soaps and loads of shots from Becky!!
+ The Dandy Warhols- "You Were the Last High" single from Robin! (it was released yesterday morning..how perfect..and sweet to wake me up with that even though she doesn't like them! *L*)
+ A beautiful card w/ lovely note from Jen.
+ A Marilyn Monroe journal, mix CD and loads of shots from Rob [livejournal.com profile] cobblers.
+ loads of shots from Nick and still something else...which I don't know. *L*
+ $$ and a Sunshine Buddy from Terra [livejournal.com profile] ladygaia. "it's better than prozac!" *LMAO*
+ warm wishes from a lot of you.

and I think I have a few more presents coming from a few of you, if I read my friends list and mobile texts correctly..:D thank you all for everything....I honestly didn't expect to have this great of a birthday, this is really one of the best I ever had, it's right up there with my 3rd, 9th, and 11th birthdays! so thanks.


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