Jul. 24th, 2003

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I was 21 years when I wrote this song
I'm 22 now but I won't be for long

- from Bee's journal

It's so true to me because I wrote most of my lyrics for sb's music when I was 21. I think I am improving though. the more you write, the better you can get..like everything else.

Our drummer Rob [livejournal.com profile] cobblers had drinks with the drummer from Serafin last night!!! He even phoned us and texted Nick about it while the 3 of us were at Magdala's. Damn you Rob!!! You know I fancy him!

Okay, during my lunch break I was on the phone with Amethyst and all of a sudden 3 army helicopters swoop down in front of my building (I work in one of the "skyscrapers" of London) and go east on the Thames...and they flew inbetween 2 rainbows! It looked like Apocalypse Now meets the Care Bears ...in London. *L* I was waiting for the helicopters to drop bombs into the Thames... It was very odd but cool.

apparently my building is in some James Bond film. It's right next to the Military Intelligence building. *L*

My friend Becky is coming all the way from Minneapolis, Minnesota to visit me!! She gets here on Friday. The plan (I hate talking in future tense because my life is such a rollercoaster nothing ever happens the way I think it will...) is to go to Paris this weekend, and spend it relaxing, going to see the tourist places and hopefully I'll find that bakery that I was in last time I was in Paris...the pastries were to die for. I'm only worried because I don't want to spend a lot of money. I know for the simple fact that I'm worried, it won't happen. I'm very very good with my money. always have been. *knocks on wood*

I've also planned certain things for us to do in London that will save both of us money (because I'm always worried about money *L*) We can have picnics in Russell Square instead of going to posh resturants..(done both and picnics are cooler anyway...) and almost all the museums are free....and there's always those dodgy noodles of camden. ;) and oh yes! a free gig! She gets to see Slashing Beauty in all our glory! haha.

I also got Monday (my birthday) off of work!! yayay!!! So I'm planning on spending the afternoon with Amethyst and Becky :)

Speaking of that, there's another practice tonite. We're trying Idlewild's "A Tone" (one of the best instrumental songs..well it has one line of lyrics..). Hopefully Nicky has found his keyboard so we can do it properly (I wanna do my Zia McCabe!..not getting my tits out though) and my other vote (my bandmates already know this...but still) BalladOfTheBangkokNovotel!!!!! I swear, I can do a good half-arsed go at Nicky Wire. It's only 3 chords, it's simple, and the lyrics are at staybeautiful so I can just print them out and if I forget a line, it's right there! The ♥ those lyrics.

I also ♥ [livejournal.com profile] ladygaia's dream about her and I as pirates *LOL* I had a bunch of insane dreams last night but I forget what they were. Amethyst also had a pretty symbolic dream she told me about.

This may be a stupid question, but is this pirate thing having to do with the Pirates of the Carribean movie??? or is it unrelated?? just wondering..because i keep seeing posts about pirates. I don't think that film has come out here yet, so I'm pretty clueless.

by the way, every time I write !!! after a sentence, i feel like I'm referencing the band !!! that's just...wrong.

another thing I stole from Bee's journal..because I'm bored. )


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