Jul. 10th, 2003

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new look, like it? :) The background is also on my homepage. I took the photo with [livejournal.com profile] skywayman's digital camera and altered it. I still should change the icon but I can't make myself do it just yet.... too obsessed with my fake warhol-esque things......

2 girls just moved in, but I don't know them and they don't know me considering I've only been there to sleep at night. They seem very cool. I met one of them yesterday morning and she treated me like I've treated some people in bands. haha..Apparently Jen came over (she wanted to hang out but I wasn't there..big surprise) She told my new roommate "all about" me (i don't know what she told her *L*), so this girl was really excited about the fact that I was in a band. She completely made my day and made me feel like a semi-famous rock star, even though I was still in my pajamas and my hair in my face..*LOL* She's sweet, bless her. :)

I briefly talked to [livejournal.com profile] robrethab last night across the street. He's leaving in 2 weeks already! Won't be here for my birthday or any SB gigs! :( Hope you have a nice trip back to Alabama, Robert. Considering you read all the time, do you have any books to recommend to me? I'm running low considering Sarah took her mini-library with her.

Last night after band rehearsal Am, Rob and myself went to Weatherspoon's down in Forest Hill (zone 2/3). It used to be a bingo hall they converted into a pub and there were portraits of David Bowie (circa "Low" era) on the wall! It looked like a 19th century theatre. I like. I wouldn't mind moving there. Rent's really cheap there as well.

Then at about midnight I was so drained, but for some reason I decided to turn on M2. It was Nicky Wire on Gonzo!!! The entire episode dedicated to that man. I watched 5 minutes of him talking (and grinning *L*) and then saw the "Judge Yourself" video (it's all lovely old footage I've never seen before..)...and then right after it was over I fell asleep.

I think the new Manics album will be recorded in NYC according to Mr. Wire, or maybe I just dreamt that.

ps- does anybody have a lj code I can give my friend/bandmate Rob!?!?!


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