Jul. 3rd, 2003

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Looking out at the Thames, the London Eye and Parliament right now, it's all shady/foggy..and the double decker buses look like little toys going across the bridge! It looks like it should be raining, but it's not.

This morning on the underground to work, I got a non-crowded train!!!! I enjoyed my short time of freedom, without people's bums in my face for once, and this guy walks onto the train with his 2 beautiful dogs! They both looked like Snoopy!! I have no idea what breed this is, but they were so adorable! Then I did something that people never do on the underground, I talked to him! *L* I asked him I could pet them and he's like "Of course!" so I did, and talked in my baby-talk Sharon Osbourne-esque voice "HI! YOU SO CUTE! YES YOU ARE!" and before I knew it they were licking my hands, and then both of them were snuggling up to me and wanting me to hold them! bless!

The reason why this completely made my morning and put me in a great mood is for one reason. I miss having a dog. I truly miss my old dog, Blossom, still. I really need to get a new dog someday.

In other news, we had band practice last night and we bootlegged ourselves! To be quite honest, it turned out better than when we tried with a 4 track. Oh, that's kinda sad I know...but we will figure it out someday.

The bootleg is complete with Nick and Rob doing German accents and talking about sauerkraut? (I still don't get that *L*) and Rob's "acid jazz" solo, and the end of "Paper Eyelashes" sounds a lot like Iggy Pop's "Lust for Life"! *cracks up laughing*! Also, there's giggling and goofing off bits. It's obviously not for a demo, it's just for fun to see what the hell we sound like!

Not bad! Esp. for a band that's been offically together for one month and one week. I really want to put some on a mix tapes for [livejournal.com profile] prettymouth, [livejournal.com profile] ladygaia and [livejournal.com profile] eire2000 but I would prefer having them hear an actual professional demo. *L*

We also got some gigs set for August! yay!! That also put me in a good mood, obviously.

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