Jun. 12th, 2003

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there's a movie poster for that Marlene Dietrich film right in front of me. *L* anyway..

[livejournal.com profile] nervous_wreck inteviewed me. this is pasted from her journal. :)

1.If you could teach the opposite sex something..anything!..what would it be?

What it feels like to be a girl. I live in a big house with
a bunch of guys and once in awhile we'll be watching this progamme on
sex or strippers or something with naked women in it...and they'll be making
all these sexist comments about it. I would like to turn the tables and
see how they'd feel if they were in a room with a bunch of women and they
were all looking at naked men making rude comments about men in general.
But with saying that, I'd also like for them to see how their IQ drops
suddenly as soon as they see a naked woman. I think strippers have some
power over men. If they're dumb enough to hand over money just to see
a woman take off her top, well then all the power for her.

2.What do you like on your pizza?

I actually really don't like pizza, to be honest with you. The pizza
I do like comes from this little pizza place in my hometown, in the middle
of Minnesota. It's their Taco pizza and it has different types of cheese
on it, lettuce, tomato, and the best part...Cool Ranch Doritos chopped up
on top of it!! With hot sauce...it's the best.

3.What is your favorite movie?

Velvet Goldmine. Some people think that i stole my stage name "Christina
Fairy" from one of the lead characters, Jack Fairy. That's not the case
though. I adore it because it's loosely based off of the lives of
David Bowie and Iggy Pop in the 70's, and Iggy and Bowie are two of
my favourtie artists. Also, it quotes Oscar Wilde throughout it and
Wilde is one of my favourite writers. It's an all around beautiful
film. I've seen it over 20 times.

4.If you could pick anyone to spend a day with, who would it be?

My grandma who passed away when I was 2 years old. I grew up knowing
all about her. She was a very fashionable lady, she loved Frank Sinatra,
she was very well-read and well-travelled. I wish that she were
still alive so I'd be able to get to know her.

5.What are you addicted to?

Music. It's my first love and I'm extremely passsionate about it. I
listen to all sorts of music constantly, from Sinatra to Nine Inch
Nails to Kylie Minogue to the Strokes to...you name it. I recently
moved to the UK from the States and I dragged along over 200 CDs with
me...quite a chore when you can only bring so much with you. I just
cannot live without it. I'm also in a band here in London, called
Slashing Beauty. I love to write music and rehearse. It's a beautiful
feeling to create something out of just an little idea in your head.
I'm also in artist, art being my 2nd love that I'm also
addicted to. I just love to create art and music in general.

If I was )

My favourtie childhood game....MASH! )

off to bed....night. xoxox


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