Jun. 9th, 2003

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I had a really cute lil cartoon to put up on here that i drew about certain things going on in my life, but the text doesn't really show up that much! here it is anyway....europe is our playground )

Basically I said goodbye to Dave....the guy I saw the Dandy Warhols with a few entries back, in my extremely hyper mood!!! *LOL* I may see him again, but I'm not sure. I really liked him though...oh well.

Also, I plan on going to Munich, Germany in the beginning of July, because I'm Sidoni (photos of her also a few entries back) godmum! My cousin Steph phoned me up and asked me....so now I have two godchildren. bless. I only can go if I can get a day off of work. The trip will be a birthday present from my mum because I can't afford it all on my own.

Also, my friend Sam went to the G8 Protest in Geneva and he got gassed!! Well, it's not as bad as last year, because last year a few of the protestors were shot to death.

I'm all for protesting the G8 convention. I'm not that big of a fan of capitalism myself....but I think that if you're going to protest capitalism, you better have a solution to the problem. It's easy to just be angry and be against something....but it doesn't do much if you don't have your own ideas with how to save this fucked up society of ours.

and speaking of capitalism, I got the new Dandy Warhols album!!!! I thought it was going to be crap from what I've heard from random people, but for the first time I actually agree with some music critics and I think it's a very brilliant album. So far I think Supergrass' "Life on Other Planets" and this Dandys album "Welcome to the Monkey House" are the best so far in 2003.

I still have to try to reproduce this painting I saw in Dublin. It looked like the end of the world mixed with a layer of Dante's Hell. [livejournal.com profile] eire2000 saw it with me....I still have to try that out.

Lastly, [livejournal.com profile] hivpretty gave me the lovliest card! i know I already thanked her personally but I was in a grumpy mood last night, and it completely cheered me up. I also love her Richey/Manics icons. beautiful. ♥

Not much else to write on here...so I'll be going now. bye. xxxx


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