May. 6th, 2003

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I love Suede's "Coming up" album. Nicky is playing it for me....bless. and now a long post for once :)

My shins are really sore from walking uphill/downhill between Hampstead and Camden town. By the way, I didn't see anybody famous in Hampstead but I wasn't looking. I think I saw the lead singer from the Music, but I didn't care. meh. about every other woman up there looked like an Appleton though, very very scary.

Have you ever had a crush on somebody and you don't know why you feel that way towards them? I fancy this guy who I've known for about a month but I can't see myself with him in reality because we're just not....compatible. He's kind of a yuppie and I'm....well, me. We like the same music but that's it. The other night I sat across from him and was wondering why I like him. I guess some things in life aren't meant to be explained. We're friends though and that's cool.

I also have discovered today that I am addicted to writing and working on music. Today I'm at Nicky's again because Ms. Fairy can't go one week without making music!! That's not a bad thing, that's a very good thing. The way I want it to be. :)

I hung out with Nicky and Rob on Saturday night. It was a good proper night out. A pub, a club, a bar and then ended up in a chip shop! All in a drunken blur of course...Nicky's like "I WAS NOT DRUNK!" well I was. I confess. I have low tolerance.

I also did a painting this week. It's very beautiful. I'm quite impressed with myself.
I wish I had a scanner here, I will find one, then I can share photos with you all.

Now I'll get off of Nicky's lovely laptop and get on with the music once Rob gets here! ta xxxxx


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