Apr. 26th, 2003

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I just read [livejournal.com profile] prettymouth's journal and now that's repeating in my head.....hahahhahahah...

Anyway, I got tickets to see the Dandy Warhols at Brixton Academy! I'm going with Dave. For those who don't know, he's a really cool guy from Melbourne, Australia that also lives here!

I've been wanting to see the Dandy Warhols since I've been 16!!! So yeah, I'm anticipating this quite a bit....:D

I was listening to Madonna's Erotica album this morning and Jen was like "OH that's so typical of you...."

Why does EVERYBODY that knows me thinks that "Erotica" is "just the typical Christina Fairy album"?? *L* Jen isn't the only one that's told me that before. I do like other albums! Some albums I even like more...;)

Last night I found an old cathedral a few blocks from here...that's sooo pretty. Esp. when you looked up and it's peaks contrasted with the purple-ish night sky.

and the best part? They have FLATS for let! Flats in the cathedral and they're soooooooooooooo gorogeous.

I assume I can't afford one but if Madonna's "Erotica" album is the "typical Christina Fairy album". These gothic flats attached to the cathedral are " the typical Christina Fairy flat."

I mean, I'm obsessed with religious imagery already...that would just be the epitome of that!

Okay, yeah Christina...keep dreaming...*L*

In other news, today I'm running around town. Buying a present for my mommy's birthday!!! yay!!!!!! Have to get her something extra special.


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