Apr. 17th, 2003

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I found a new job already, that pays more than my old one. yay.

I woke up at 2:45 am last night to a COMPLETELY MAD homeless hooker SCREAMING at my building!

I was very disoriented when I woke, and I hear "HOMELESS! BIG ISSUE! THERE'S 31 OF US OUT HERE, AND ALL OF YOU ARE SAFE IN YOUR WARM BEDS!!!"

Then proceded to talk about sexual manners in a very vulgar way....and saying "MANAGER IN YOUR OFFICE!! YOU THINK YOUR MUM IS DEAD! BUT SHE'S NOT!! SHE HAS RISEN!! AND SHE'S ONE OF US THAT WILL SUFFER A HORRIBLE SLOW DEATH!!!!"

Sam stuck his head out the lounge's window to get a look at her and she was like "FUCK OFF, FLOPTOP!" *LOL*

This went on for about an hour, just SCREAMING she was.....and then a guy who lives in the next buidling over comes out and starts yelling "SHUT UP! WHY DON'T YOU FUCKING SHUT UP!?" and then they got into a fight..

Finally, the manager of this building phoned the police, most of the people here all had our heads sticking out of all our windows (myself included..it was funny to see all these heads from all sides of me sticking out of the building *LOL*!!!!) and we all saw her get hauled away by the police.

anyway, yes, that was interesting. *L*

Oh god, I need to go get some books from the library, otherwise my brain is going to go numb.

I'm going to phone Amnesty International now. It's important to follow up on applications. yes :)


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