Mar. 19th, 2003

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I love that Junior Senior song!!! People, download it...I don't know why I love it so much, but I do.

I saw the Manic Street Preachers on TV!!!! For the first time ever!! it was the "Everything Must Go" video but Sam was like "I don't like the Manics that much, I'm sorry..." and [ profile] ladygaia was like "Oh no!" at the video and then Sam tried to steal the remote from me!! After some struggle, he finally won, so we ended up watching some other video...forgot what it was now.but I also saw the new Johnny Cash video for "Hurt". I love it. It's sooo gothy pretty.

but I really wanted to see that damn Manics video! I don't care if I have it taped...this was ON TV!!!! That's special. :p

Well, anyway, got that out of my system. :p

Tonight Terra and I walked from Westminster to London Bridge.
very pretty. The police even stopped us for a bit to talk, to
see if we were protesting the war or something.

There was another anti-war rally at Westminister tonight...[ profile] ladygaia and I were in the one last night but not tonight.

Tonight we heard them singing *to the tune of Yellow Submarine*
"We alll live in a facist regime! A facist re-gime..a FACIST RE-GIME!"

everybody now! hahahah...I thought it was amusing.

I still haven't found a job. I got two job offers. One I didn't know (it's door to door sales, no thank you) and the other one, I didn't call the temp. agency back fast enough so somebody else got it. No worries though. :) I'm looking every single day.

many hugs & kisses to [ profile] prettymouth.I miss you sweetie and I hope things get better for you. You don't deserve all that crap!

alright, goodnight.


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