Feb. 24th, 2003

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First of all, you people need to check out this. It's my friend Sarah's page featuring her artwork :) She's always been one of my fav. artists. She did a drawing of me a few years back that I still have. The title is "Chryssy-Babes". *LOL*

I need to get more of my recent art online!

I stole this from, er, somebody's journal. I completely forget which one....I randomly jump from one journal to the other at times...

20 silly things about silly me.

01- I tried to hide a giant-sized Care Bears Wish Bear underneath my coat walking in Wal Mart....well, it was only to get a laugh and it did *L*
02- I eat Little Debbie's Nutty Bars one layer at a time (makes it last longer!)
03- I always want change in my life but I'm scared of change *L*
04- I find this attractive ;)
05- I wear crucifix necklaces, yet I don't consider myself to be religious. I look at the crucifix as a powerful symbol that has caused life/death for centuries...and well, it's also very beautiful to look at.
06- I've read over 10 books on the Holocaust this past year. Mostly survivor stories :(
07- I own a German Nazi pistol (inherited..it shot my grandfather, he survived and got the pistol from the Nazi! So the story goes...go grandpa *L* )
08- I love photography. My first attempts are


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