Feb. 12th, 2003

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Last night I had a dream that Liz called me and she wasn't in China, but she was really in Eau Claire and she was going to come up and visit me this weekend......I think that means I miss her. :/

I keep wondering why a ton of people read this journal but they always comment on IM or to my face...they hardly ever comment ON this journal....I don't know...it's weird to me.

hivpretty informed me that this journal is so "smart and beautiful" she just has nothing more to add...awww...

:: thank you, hugs! ::

Nicky and myself have been on the lookout for portastudios. He found this one. It's a 424MKIII and it's likely that will be the one, but you never know...

Instead of reducing myself to the patheticness that is the Wild Onion, I went to see the film "About Schmidt" last night.

I've been wanting to that film for quite a long time, and I'm glad that I finally did. For those you haven't seen it, it's about Warren Schmidt, a retired man who lives in Omaha, Nebraska and realizes that he's spent his entire life not living up to what he wanted out of life.

The look on his face at his retirement party just basically summed it up....he looked like he wasted his life "working for the man"...

He adopts a foster child from Tanzania and writes extensive detailed letters to this child, Ndugu....I think that's really sad. When you're 67 years old and the only person you can confind in is a 6 year old boy who lives in Africa.

The whole film spoke to me about how when you're young you have all these dreams but then society just kinda drags you into this rut and......before you know it. You're driving a Winnebago through the American midwest trying to trace back to your childhood.

Cons of the movie were I thought that Hollywood depicted people from Wisconsin to be too friendly. I mean, yeah, midwest-nice exists, but we're not THAT nice....last time I checked I didn't invite old men over for dinner just because...

I thought that Jack Nicholson's performance was brilliant.....He definitely deserves that Oscar.

Oh yeah, I've finally listened to Adam Green's solo work....erm....I'll take the Moldy Peaches over his solo career anyday.....Kimya's stuff is better too *imo*

But Adam Green gives me hope, no offence to Mr. Green, but when *I* play guitar and sing by myself I sound just as good......and that's really not a compliment. I'm not too great with the guitar....:p

Oh yeah, yesterday I got a box of homemade heart-shaped cookies from my grandma for Valentine's day. :) )ladygaia sweetie, if you want any, just come downstairs :)

and as I have a conversation with Nicky about how Ryan Adams might sound like Bono (???)....I'm off to the pharmacy and then to some cd shop...ta.



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