Feb. 11th, 2003

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* Morning Star Farms Veggie Buffalo Wings rock!
* My building's mgmt. most certainly does not...
* I hope that the homeless people in Mpls. find
some warmth...it's going to be -30 degrees F tonite. :(
* Why the hell is Rick James' "Superfreak" following me around like a disease??? It's not a horrible song but it's been everywhere recently! just...weird. :/
* I want to work for Esprit Elite in London and I can, but I can't because I can't get to in London in 2 days *sob*
* Joe Millionarie is ass ugly
* What the hell is that little girl saying in that new Missy Elliot song? It's annoying as all hell...
* Analog recording DOES sound better, but digital you can make CDs instantly....analog you cannot and you have to convert it onto a computer and burn a CD......
* The Manic Street Preachers have finally become the epitome of what they were against in the beginning....Oasis also did that as well....that's depressing! If I'm ever in a band that makes it I don't want to end up like that!
* I wonder if Liz can check her email privately in China? If not, my email might be kinda embarrassing....mwahahah!
* black eyeliner is lovely
* It IS time to move out...I broke my LAST fork today..damn plastic handles...from Target :p
* I've been finding myself dancing around my apt. to old skool Prince songs....for instance "The Look", his duet with 80's pop princess Sheena Easton......proof that I've lived in this city for way too long....but M2's old skool videos at 2am are so amusing!
* I don't want to go to the Wild Onion tonight. Clubbing there once was enough.
* I can get the new Supergrass album this week!!!! *bouncy*
yes! finally!
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