Feb. 8th, 2003

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Since the colonial period in Africa, African women were stereotyped in a extremely degrading racist way that still carries on until this day as being hypersexualized (see the book North of South by Shiva Naipaul from 1978 for a more modern view on African women being viewed this way...)

and I was thinking, granted I've never been to East Africa but now that I studied the region, someday I'd like to combine a hobby (photography) with knowledge and do a photography book on women in East Africa the way they really are...not wearing tribal costumes and living in huts but modern women that are successful in Nairobi or Dar es Salaam...it'd help break that western stereotype of African women today.

Of course I would need a lot of money and a few months and in order to do this...

just a thought.

Oh I forgot! I was randomly watching Conan last night and guess who was on? SUPERGRASS!!!!! "Life on Other Planets" is released in the U.S. on Tues, people....spend your hard earned cash and help out Gaz & co....Gaz was looking really good with those long sideburns I may add...rawr.

what else?

I finally had Mickey D's fries after craving them for an entire week.....now I feel like shit. :(


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