Feb. 3rd, 2003

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Hello...today I've been doing nothing but painting, making candles (well, more like decorating candles) and making mix CDs!!!!! but after all of that, I'm kinda bored...so I'm going out after this! I don't know where...but somewhere!

ladygaia just left...she lent me skywayman's. digital camara so I can take photos of my paintings for an upcoming portfolio..not all my art is great but there's a select couple that I'm really really proud of and I keep seeing paintings in galleries that I know I could do...so why not go for it?
eire2000 used to tell me back in the day that she pictured me as the 'next Andy Warhol' that's but ya know, prettier, more political and in a band....;)

God, all my friends give me so much praise!! I'm so grateful :) *insert the Stone Roses' 'I Wanna Be Adored' here* thank you for those who believe that I can do everything I want to do :) *kisses* See...I believe in myself a lot (I'm secretly or not so secretly vain) and
I am a very determined girl last time I checked, so of course, that helps. :)

I need to get to England. asap. Anybody want my apt? please! I'm throwing in a month's free rent! (no lie)

dammit, I was going to put this song on a mix CD for prettymouth!Oh well....she loves Moz so much if she doesn't own it already I'm sure one day she will ;)

note to self: read Are you Loathsome Tonight?

ps- my letter from Egypt was from a childhood penfriend from Cairo who apparently wants to be my friend once again. sweet :)


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