Jan. 21st, 2003

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You can be friends with somebody for a long time w/o knowing certain things about them.

Because I feel like it, here's a few random facts about me that I don't think too many of my friends know, but if they do, that's okay too ;)

*I'm left-handed. This means that I should be a better driver in the UK and Ireland than I am here. Well, GOD, I hope so.

*I know last year I was really into leopard print this and leopard print that...but not really anymore. I mean, I was wearing it and into it back in 2001....and then in 2002 it was everywhere you looked! So I've moved on. Leopard print is out ;)

*My 2 biggest pet-peeves:
People calling me "Christine" (THAT IS NOT MY NAME!!!) and stupid people. I think stupid people
is #1.

*My current fav. dish is angel hair pasta with bella mushrooms with a white wine alfredo sauce. Complimented by french bread with colby cheese, bella mushrooms and alfafa sprouts. I really love bella mushrooms! *swoon* Blame ladygaia and her portobella mushrooms sandwiches. They're to die for!

*The only LJ community I belong to is poppy_z_brite. Join, bitches!

*I refuse to buy/wear diamonds.
I know you think me of all people, they'd be my best friend ( ;) ) but no. You don't have any control over where the diamonds come from, so you dont' know if they come from a mine in Canada or from a mine in Africa were there is still the slavery of children. I don't want child slaves blowing off thier limbs just so I can look pretty. fuck that. :/
So, my preferred is....silver/white gold with black onyx. *L*

*I love pineapple. I really love pineapple. From Byerly's especially.

*Oh yeah, I'm *not* getting the Manics NME from Sarah :( Her kitty tore it up when she was in Colorado. Richey was shredded all over the floor.

*I want to be just as artistic as I am musical. Have a balance. Music just not it for me. There has to be art and sometimes politics wrapped into it. I will not accept anything less from life.

*I will not have a political discussion with anybody if I am not a complete expert on the situation, except for prettymouth who I will talk to about anything. *L* For god's sake, we even try to turn our grocery shopping lists into semi-intelligent conversation ;) meat is
murder and Whole Foods is exquisite.

*I'm a student member of <http://www.amnesty.org">Amnesty International. Still! *L*

*My fav. driving songs are The Vines "Outthaway", The Smiths "How Soon is Now?" and Billy Idol's 'Dancing With Myself".

*I own Pulp's first four albums. The ones that nobody else has because nobody knew who they were *L*

*I believe that people can do whatever they want to do drug-wise but I'm not into it. sorry. Just....I hate feeling dizzy and numb. I feel like I'm not intelligent enough sometimes, I don't need help in being zoned out. *L*

*I think too much.

*I still cannot paint David Bowie. I'm going to try again right now.

that's all for now.

ps- is there any way I can put little LJ icons referring to people and communities W/O going to the 'sources' of pages and copying and pasting?


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