Jan. 14th, 2003

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I am.

Today while walking around campus doing random errands (and freezing my arse off) I walked into the Weisman art museum.

They currently had an exhibition on African-American art about slavery and the civil rights movement of the 1960's. That's all fine and dandy..but some of that art.....It had a lot of poltical agenda behind it which is what makes it brilliant, but the quality...er...I don't know.

Most of it was better than my artwork I think, but Thorton Dial's work just doesn't do it for me. He's a "self-taught artist" but shit, so am I and I can paint better than him.

If anything, it inspires me to paint therefore I have a chance of having my works in a museum someday as well :)

Then I saw my fav. painting by Georgia O'Keefe..right in front of it I expected to smell those flowers. They were so gorgeous.

Then I walked into what used to be a room full of Warhol, but now it's a photographic gallery of.....Bruce SPRINGSTEEN!?

I'm not a fan of Bruce Springsteen and I was bitter at the lack of Marilyn's and soup cans on the walls..but I kept an open mind and went through the exhibition....

I sat and listened to "Nebraska" while looking at photographs of him on tour taken by his younger sister, Stephanie. I didn't mind it....in fact, I like that album, "Nebraska" now. It'd be perfect to listen to while driving through the country on the way to my parent's house. Just an empty highway and darkness.

Tim Burgess' new solo album is supposed to be an "Nebraska-esuqe" effort. Let's hope so.

'til next time.
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I used to live in a house with this guy who was a manager for a band called "The Tide". They had somewhat similar music tastes to me, were nice guys and I did some PR for them and it was kinda fun!

In the past couple years I never heard anything about them so I figured they broke up or something....


They're the support act for Interpol tonight! *jaw drops*

Okay, I think I'm going now.

I'll tell you all about it later :)

*dances off with the Tide's 'Streets of London' in her head*


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