Jan. 11th, 2003

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Last night I slept naked for the first time this winter, and considering it's FUCKING COLD out..I think I'm ill now. dammit. *cough* I just wanted to be more comfortable. *pout*

Last night I had a dream I was at Nicky's house and we were all writing music and doing something! it's my dreams/aspirations that were going into affect with that one. I need to ring Nicky and Heather considering she gave me her mobile number now.

Okay, I'm going to go now and....I just should've stayed in bed all day. I feel like shit.
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1. Name: Christina
2. Age: 22
3. First Poppy Book: Drawing Blood
4. Favourite Poppy Book: Wormwood
5. Favourite Character (Any Works): The guy who
travels to Calcutta in Wormwood. Forgot his name :p
6. First Encounter: 1998 (?)
7. Compare Rice to Brite: Brite is better than
Rice IMO. Brite is truly erotic horror, while
Rice...I don't consider her horror and she can be erotic at times, but Brite does guy on guy erotica SO much better. ;)
8. What character reminds you of yourself the most: The aspiring rock stars in "Plastic Jesus" BEFORE they made it anywhere ;)
9. If you could ask her any question, what would it be?: Have you ever been to Calcutta? Tell me
about it...because are those people who feed
on the dead, do they really exist or did you make that up?
10.Do you look like Poppy?: haha..no.
11. Has anything in your life mirrored an event in a book or story?: No. Not so far, except
one chapter of "Plastic Jesus".
12. Do you know anyone like a character from a book or story?: Nicky and Amethyst sit in Nicky's room together and play guitars like the guys in "Plastic Jesus" *L*
13. Do you wish anything in a book or story would happen to you or anyone else?: No. The only scenes I can think of are gross, and I don't want that to happy to anybody...really.
14. What would you like to see from Poppy in the future?: A biography on me of SB ;)


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